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What is Global SEO?

Global SEO means optimizing your content for a multitude of regions worldwide. You’ll need to create content that works for different regions and language, as well as optimize that content for each region’s search engine results pages. Global or international SEO is one step further ahead than local SEO, in that it aims to increase visibility and bring a worldwide audience to a website through localised search engines.  It is sometimes hard to believe that any other global search engine could compete with Google, but in fact  Naver is the most utilised search engine in South Korea, and has a 63.1% market share compared to Google’s 29.68%.  With thousands of localised potential markets, many companies are actively investing or considering investing in global SEO to reach new audiences all over the planet. The basics for the SEO itself are the same with optimised title tags, meta descriptions, H1 headers, good strong body text and anchor texts all crucial considerations. However off page, links from local and high quality sites are also important as these pass on trust and authority status – making high quality, culturally relevant and grammatically sound copy in the destination language imperative to success in the global marketplace.

I have already done many SEO projects with a good reputation. If you are thinking any SEO help to increase your website ranking and traffic world-wide, don’t be late contact me. I can confirm you your website will grow after starting the world. 

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